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ShareOurShop is a unique voucher website for local businesses to showcase their best deals!

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Local businesses are the key to boosting the economy, and we believe if we all unite we can make a difference. When the businesses you choose follow create a new deal you will receive an email notification so you can take advantage of their exclusive offers!
Unlike other voucher websites, ShareOurShop is an interactive website and one of our key features is a Newsfeed which is created by information from your favourite Deals, Businesses, Towns and Friends. Once you have chosen to follow one of these you will be notified of new actions or information posted by them. For example businesses creating new deals, friends rating deals, friends review of shops, when a friend follows a new shop, When a friend follows a town. We will also post important articles from latest news regarding UK businesses and ShareOurShop. 
Dont worry we dont send loads of junk emails like other voucher websites, if you dont want to hear about deals from a certain business you can simply click unfollow.

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- Become the top business in town! (businesses are ranked by most followers)
- Create deals on ShareOurShop.com! All your ShareOurShop followers will be emailed to check out your new deal and it will also appearing on their 'News feed'.  Encourage everyone to follow or rate your deal so that their ShareOurShop 'friends' will also see your deal :)  

- Follow businesses around your area to see what deals they are offering & much more

-Only businesses based in the UK & Republic of Ireland can join us.

- If you part of a multi branch company you must list your business as the following.. business name-location

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